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StainFast - #025S-32


Weight 1.00 lbs
SKU 025S-32
Our Price: $19.95


World’s Fastest, Easiest and Safest Stain System
Mix with water based pigments (not included). Gorgeous results when applied over CreateCoat. Also works well over Exterior Foam Coat and most concrete surfaces. Natural stain finish

• Safe
• No Acid
• No VOCs
• WYSIWYG Colors
• Immersible

Looks identical to real stone. Easy to mix colors. Just add pigment to StainFast. Ratio depends on the saturation and color you want. Easily mixed right in the sprayer. We recommend a pigment called Mixol, available at fine art stores, but most of the pigments used to color house-paints will work great. Smaller paint stores will usually sell pigments to you if you bring in your own bottles.

MIX: It’s simple. 2-3 colors give any look you want. Add no more than 5% VOC free nontoxic water base pigment to StainFast as desired.
APPLYING: Light haphazard spray leaving room to add more colors.

  • 1st COAT: Spray 60-70% on 1st application.
  • 2nd COAT: Finalize color scheme.
  • 3rd COAT: Final touches.

Wait 5 minutes or so for each coat to dry. Never blast at 100%. Add a little black for antiquing affect. 

Dries more subtle and realistic.
Use cardboard partition to stop overspray. 
Use 3/8” roller to knock down, soften and blend.
Drips can give it a natural look.  
SEAL COAT: Let color coats dry for 5 minutes then spray final clear coat. Thorough coverage, but don’t soak. 
CLEAN-UP: Clean tools etc. with soapy water.
Note: No NSF approval because this is not a coating.
Seals on the molecular level. Densifier, so water cannot pass through after the chemical conversion.

Made in USA.