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Pro 8-Inch Hot Knife Kit with Variable Heat Pro Power Station #K42PV


Weight 5.00 lbs
Market Price: $184.80
Our Price: $174.95 (Save 5%)


Pro 8-Inch Hot Knife Kit
For Deep Cuts

Are you a professional foam artist needing to make deep plunge cuts and cut thick foam? This specialized hot knife cuts 8 inches deep. It cuts faster than the 4-inch model, but slower than the 3-Inch or 6Inch Hot Knife. The thin round steel blade cuts Styrofoam, white beaded EPS foam cleanly in any direction..

Need a different cut or lower price?
We have 5 hot knives to choose from: 3-Inch, 4-Inch, Pro 6-Inch, Industrial 6-Inch, Industrial Hot Knife Kit (with 6 different blades)


  • 8-Inch Hot Knife
  • Power Station of your choice
  • 85-minute Hot Wire Foam Factory Instructional DVD
  • Large sturdy carrying case
  • Printed Instructions

Choose Your Power Station:


  • Convenient thumb-switch on the handle
  • Durable yet lightweight comfort-gripped handle
  • 6 feet of power cord
  • Starts cutting within seconds
  • Does not char the foam
  • Cuts continuously (unlike cheap knock-offs that overheat in minutes)
  • Round blade changes direction easily
  • Made with care in the USA

Used For:

  • Stage props and theatrical sets
  • Plunging deep holes for wires and control rods
  • Theme rooms
  • Sign making
  • 3D art
  • Foam armatures
  • and so much more . . .

Tech Specs:

  • .065-inch diameter blade
  • Blades are replaceable at our factory
  • Pro Power Stations can also be used with the Freehand Router, 3-Inch Hot Knife, 4-Inch Knife, 6-Inch Knife, Sculpting Tool, and Engraving Tool, and our four Scroll and 3D Tables.