2-in-1 Kit Pro Model #K43


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Weight: 5.00 lbs

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Pro Model 2-in- Kit
Start with the tools you need and add more as your needs grow

The choice of serious foam artists, craftsmen and engineers who have a particular project in mind, and want to invest in their future growth in this rapidly expanding world of foam sculpting. 


  • Power Station of your choice
  • 2 Hot Wire hand tool of your choice
  • 85-minute Hot Wire Foam Factory Instructional DVD
  • Large sturdy carrying case
  • Printed Instructions

Choose Your Power Station:

Plus Choose TWO Of These Tools: Click on tool title for details


  • Convenient thumb-switches on the durable comfort-grip handles
  • Made with care in the USA

Used For:

  • Cutting Styrofoam, white beaded EPS, XPS foam, some EVA polyethylene
  • Large and small art and craft projects
  • Studio and theater props and backdrops
  • D56 and model railroad dioramas
  • Halloween props
  • Making foam walls that look like brick or stone
  • Animal habitats and museum displays
  • Event décor
  • The list is as endless as your imagination . . .

Tech Specs:

  • The blades and cutting wires will last indefinitely if you let the heat do the cutting
  • Easy user replaceable cutting wires on Sculpting and Freehand Router Tools
  • Blades on Hot Knives replaceable at the factory
  • Specify country it will be used in so you will get the correct plug for your wall socket

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2 Most useful customer reviews
Sydney Martin
Feb 24, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Victoria helped me with my selection
I had intended to only purchase one and called to ask questions but with her help and creativity putting a kit together for me, i purchased 2 with a pro power supply.
I have the 8" to cut big pieces.
It took me awhile to get the rhythm, making sure I didn't move too fast and get ahead of the cutting
Once I caught on I found I used it longer and for smaller more detailed cuts

The next was the 3" for fine work..
I used that one a lot but for some reason the wire came loose
Again I was aware of the rhythm and moved as it cut, not rushing it
I sent it back and called Victoria
She replaced it for me... it was returned quickly... great customer service.. shes the best !

The pro power supply takes both knives..
I'm careful to turn off the supply and the knives when I'm changing tools or reorganizing my work
I like the feel and weight of the power supply box.. its sturdy and easy to use.

The case is just big enough to accommodate my 2 knives and power supply..
its low profile is a space saver in my studio and the color makes it easy to find

Ive been working with hand saws (i have a collection of them from resale stores) and a steak knife for fine work..
like snow, i had Styrofoam beads, that broke loose when i cut, everywhere.. not any more...
I sent in a picture of a garden sculpture i made using my new tools.. as I use them more ill decide if I want to add to my selection

I love the tools...
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J Racel/The Miniatures Page
Oct 22, 2008
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I have a Tippi and a lot of other wire cutters and truth be told, I use my Hotwire Foam Factory cutters with the larger optional power supply all the time and don't even know what storage box the Tippi and other junk are hidden away in.
The Tippi shows all these need shapes and wire options, but none of them worked well or were easy to use. The power supply on the one I have has a very hard time with anything other than white foam (maybe the Tippi II has a better power supply?). I was not impressed and don't use it. Many of the cutters sold in craft stores will not cut pink or blue foam very well, so if that is what you want to do, get a good cutter.
I would say look at Hotwire Foam Factory (hotwirefoamfactory.com/home.php), especially at the sculpting tool and hot knife. You will likely need the variable power supply to cut pink or blue foam. I know these are expensive, but if you plan to do very much terrain, they more than pay for themselves.
Just my 2 cents.
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