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#036A2x3 - Armorfoam 3 Sheets 2""x14""x22""


Weight 2.00 lbs
SKU 036A2x3
Our Price: $37.95


Three (3) sheets of Armorfoam 2"x14"x22" - Armorfoam is easy to handle, cut, shape and form, and is widely used in protective packing of fine art, artifacts and sensitive instruments, for both transportation and storage. Especially popular with camera owners and gun collectors who have found that the polyurethane foam that comes in their original cases breaks down over time and can ruin their cameras or guns. It is a tough, flexible thermoplastic resin which, being inert and chemically stable, meets all preservation standards. Cut in well ventilated area.

NO AIR SHIPMENT OF FOAM! Foam is shipped in a separate box from other items you order because this is the maximum box size UPS will ship in this weight category without very high oversize box penalty charges.