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4-Inch Hot Knife - #035 (Needs Power)


Weight 0.50 lbs
SKU 035S1
Our Price: $29.95


4-Inch Hot Knife
Cut foam with surgical precision using the world's most accurate hand held foam cutter.

The thin round steel blade cuts Styrofoam and white beaded EPS foam cleanly in any direction like magic. Always sweeping up those messy foam beads? Put that time back into your art and add this hot wire cutter to your foam craft supply tool box today.

Cutting dense foams? Bigger projects?
Choose our faster cutting Crafters 3-Inch Hot Knife or the Pro 6-Inch Hot Knife
(We have 5 hot knives to choose from.)


  • 4-Inch Hot Knife

  • This tool does not come with a power supply. See selection below.


  • Convenient thumb-switch on the comfort-grip handle

  • 6 feet of power cord

  • Starts cutting within seconds

  • Cuts continuously (unlike cheap knock-offs that overheat in minutes)

  • Round blade changes direction easily

  • Made with care in the USA

Used For:

  • Foam decorations

  • Sign making

  • Architectural mode

  • and so much more . . .

Tech Specs: