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The Complete Foam Coat System #FCSK


Weight 11.00 lbs
Market Price: $59.95
Our Price: $49.95 (Save 17%)


Incredible $59.95+ value! Kit includes 3lbs All Purpose Foam Coat, 3lbs Exterior Foam Coat, 8oz Boost fortifier, 8oz Bounce rubberizer, 8oz Medium Course Grit, 8oz Course Grit and 2 square feet of Mesh, topped off with 8oz Foam Fusion glue and 3.5oz StyroGoo. Also includes 30 minute Foam Coat System Basics DVD with step-by-step instructions.

Start with our ultrasmooth, rockhard Foam Coat and add Boost to make it even stronger and weatherproof, or add Bounce to make a flexible, weatherproof coating. Try texturizing with medium or coarse Grit. For even more strength, apply a layer of our super light Mesh fiber reinforcement around your foam project and Foam Coat right over it. Oh, and don't forget to try your StryoGoo and Foam Fusion, the very best foam glue!

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