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Crafters Deluxe Starter Kit - #K11C/12C


Weight 2.00 lbs
Market Price: $74.80
Our Price: $39.95 (Save 47%)


Crafters Deluxe Starter Kit

Start with the ONE tool you need now and add more as your needs grow


  • One Crafters Tool of your choice

  • Crafters Power Supply

  • Sturdy Carrying Case

  • Hot Wire Foam Factory Instructional DVD

  • Sample Patterns

  • Printed Instructions

Choose ONE Of These Tools:

Click on tool for details

  • Convenient thumb-switch on the comfort-grip handle
  • 12 feet of power cord
  • Sculpting Tool and Hot Knife start cutting within seconds
  • Cuts continuously (unlike cheap knock-offs that overheat in minutes)
  • Round blade changes direction easily
  • Made and supported in the USA
  • That all depends on which tool you choose!

  • Foam decorations

  • Sign making

  • Crafts and hobbies

  • and so much more . . .

  • Hot Knife blades are replaceable at our factory

  • 3-Inch Hot Knife cuts through dense foams faster than the 4-Inch

  • Sculpting Tool cutting wires are easy to replace, though rarely break

  • Caution: Engraver takes a few minutes to cool down

  • Tools made of lightweight yet durable ABS plastic, brass, and stainless steel

  • Craft tools also plug into our Multi-Heat and Variable-Heat Pro Power Station