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Village Displays

Foam has become an integral part of Department 56, Lemax and other village displays, letting the enthusiast create almost any kind of terrain as a backdrop. Professional and amateur foam artists and crafters share their projects with you in our gallery. Click on the links to see hundreds of beautiful pictures and get inspiration for your own projects! Many contain useful patterns and tips.


three teird christmas village display
3 Tiered Display

department 56 Lighthouse

foam mountain village display
Foam Mountains

Christmas village display
Christmas Displays

North pole Village foam display
North Pole

Department 56 village creations
Village Creations

Multi Level Holiday display
Multi-Level Displays

Corpse Bride Glass Vignette
Glass Vignette


Video: Building An Epic Village Display

Video: Halloween Town

Video: Dept 56 North Pole

Video: Christmas Village Tour


Submit your own project photos, tips or ask a question!

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