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We have DVDs on a range of topics. To get more ideas of what you can make, be sure to visit our Artist's Gallery. To see the tools in action, check out our video page. For any questions, check out our FAQ page!

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  SKU Product Our Price
#009ZOO #009 Foam Gone Wild! Foam Coat System $14.95
$9.95 (Save 33%) FREE SHIPPING
009FCS #009FCS - Foam Coat System Basics DVD $10.00 FREE SHIPPING
009MFT #009MFT - Making Foam Tombstones DVD $10.00 FREE SHIPPING
009MM #009MM - Magic Mountains DVD $10.00 FREE SHIPPING
009D #009D - Hot Wire Foam Factory Instructional DVD $24.95
$19.95 (Save 20%) FREE SHIPPING
009KEN #009KEN - Building An Epic Display DVD $29.95
$19.95 (Save 33%) FREE SHIPPING
009HH #009HH - How To Foam Carve Your Haunted House DVD $49.95 FREE SHIPPING