#K16-19 - Crafters Deluxe 2-In-1 Kit

#K16-19 - Crafters Deluxe 2-In-1 Kit
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Roger Beauregard
Feb 16, 2007
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I started building village displays about 15 years ago and just like many of you I struggled trying to do certain things to make my displays the best I could. Then I heard that display builders were using Styrofoam as the base and not plywood. Cutting the holes to hide the wires became easy, not like the plywood. That was just a headache.
So now that I was using Styrofoam I found it very messy to cut leaving me covered with little balls of foam that were just a pain to get rid of. I said, “there has got to be a better way.” So I started to do some reading and looking for videos to help me and that’s when I discovered the Hot Wire Foam Factory. These tools have been such a blessing to me and have helped me build displays so much better than I could have wished for.
The first tools I started with were the Hot Knife and the Sculpting tool. They were easy to use and helped me do more detail work without any problems. Practice with the tools before you use them for your display. Do test pieces and get the feel of how the wire will cut the foam. You should do this with any new tool that are you going to try. The more you practice the better you will find how the tool works. I use the Sculpting tool to shape mountains and the Hot Knife to do fine detail work. The results are just great.
If you want to check out some of my work go to the HWFF gallery and find, under village displays, Halloween Extravaganza, Glass Vignette, Halloween base and Halloween displays. These will give you an idea of just what these can do for you and your displays.
If you have any questions you can email me at rjbeauregard@comcast.net and state display question in the subject block.
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