Looking for a CNC foam cutting machine for sale? Look no further. We manufacture three hot wire CNC machines right here in the USA at a price that's unmatched. Each machine comes 99% assembled and includes phone support. Do you need a foam wing cutting machine? Try the Aero foam cutter CNC. Are you making hundreds of the same, intricate cuts? Try out the Sign Maker! Need to cut an 8ft block of foam? The XL is the way to go! There's so much more these CNC foam cutting machines can do, so call us at 1-866-735-9255 or email and we'll help you pick the right one! Get Funded
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XL Hot Wire CNC Machine - CNC 054
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$14,800.00 $11,800.00

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Aero Hot Wire CNC Machine - CNC 053
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$7,800.00 $7,200.00
Sign Maker Hot Wire CNC Machine - CNC 052
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CNC Hot Knife - CNC 035
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