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Crafters Kits

Our Crafters Kits combine the best hot wire foam cutters into a hobby kit for new crafters that want to start sculpting foam, or for novices who want to make detailed, intricate cuts with the best foam carving tools on the market. These craft kits are the perfect addition to any craftsman tool kit, giving each artist unmatched versatility and complete control. Start with one of our popular tools - The Hot Knife, Sculpting Tool or Precision Engraver – then add more! All Crafters Power Supplies can be used world-wide and every Crafters Kit is fully upgradeable to the Professional line. Not sure where to start? Call our friendly, knowledgeable Sales Representatives at 866-735-9255 Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm PST.  We’ll help you pick the right tool for the job.


  SKU Product Our Price
K03 #K03 - Crafters Scroll Table Kit $59.95
K05MS1 #K05MS - Crafters Deluxe 4-In-1 Kit $169.65
$129.95 (Save 23%)
#K11-K11S #K11-K11S Crafters Hot Knife Kit $34.95
K02 Crafters Sculpting Tool Kit - #K02 $46.90
$34.95 (Save 25%)
K12 #K12 - Crafters Engraver Kit $46.90
$34.95 (Save 25%)
K05 #K05 - Crafters Deluxe 3-In-1 Kit $129.70
$99.95 (Save 23%)
K16-1919 #K16-19 - Crafters Deluxe 2-In-1 Kit $99.75
$74.95 (Save 25%)
K11C #K11C/12C - Crafters Deluxe Starter Kit $74.80
$39.95 (Save 47%)
K03CC #K03CC - Complete Instrument Case Kit $119.85
$99.95 (Save 17%)
K03IC #K03C - Instrument Case Kit $99.85
$89.95 (Save 10%)
K11SB #K11SB - Crafters Basic 3-inch Hot Knife Kit - FREE SHIPPING $36.90
$29.95 (Save 19%) FREE SHIPPING
K11B #K11B Crafters Basic 4-Inch Hot Knife Kit - FREE SHIPPING $36.90
$29.95 (Save 19%) FREE SHIPPING