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Deluxe 3D Tables

Cut Styrofoam. expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, and Art & Sign Foam with fast clean precision. Professional kits including the 3D Scroll Table. Tools of choice for architectural prototypes, scale models, and much more.

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  SKU Product Our Price
K41 #K41 - 3D Deluxe 24-Inch Table Kit $334.80
$249.95 (Save 25%)
K49S #K49S - Pro Model 5-IN-1 with 3D Deluxe 24-Inch Table $449.60
$349.95 (Save 22%)
K43S #K43S - Pro Model 2-IN-1 with 3D Deluxe 24-Inch Table $364.75
$274.95 (Save 25%)
K47S #K47S - Pro Model 4-IN-1 with 3D Deluxe 24-Inch Table $424.65
$324.95 (Save 23%)
K45S #K45S - Pro Model 3-IN-1 with 3D Deluxe 24-Inch Table $394.70
$299.95 (Save 24%)