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#024-S Styroplast Measuring Syringe


Weight 0.10 lbs
SKU 024-S
Our Price: $3.95


No more bad batches of Styroplast. Measure exact proportions of Styroplast's two part mixture for best results. Can be used over and over if instructions are followed.


  • Always use gloves, eye protection, and use in well ventilated room.
  • Suck in 1 part of Part A and squirt it into the mixing container. Always start with Part A.
  • Wipe the outside of the syringe, and make sure it is not dripping from the inside.
  • Suck in 3 parts of Part B and squirt them into the mixing container. Wipe off the outside of the syringe.
  • Pull the syringe out and wipe off the rubber gasket and tip. Reinsert and store in a plastic ziplock bag, with as much air evacuated as possible. Can be used many times.