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Sculpting Tool #017 - (Needs Pro or Craft Power)


Weight 0.25 lbs
SKU 17
Our Price: $24.95


Sculpting Tool
Foam cutting tool for freehand sculpting, carving and scroll cutting.

Carving foam just got easier with the Sculpting Tool; one of the most crucial foam shaping tools today, thanks to it's versatility. The arms pivot for making negative cuts or can be held taught for scroll cutting. Shape 3D Styrofoam sculptures, carve village display platforms and more. Start sculpting Styrofoam the right way with the Sculpting Tool; a hand-held foam cutting scroll saw, carving tool and so much more!

Cutting dense foams? Bigger projects?
Use with a thicker, faster cutting hot wire when you plug into a Pro Power Station.
Or, check out our Freehand Router with an even thicker cutting wire.


  • Sculpting Tool

  • 6 Cutting Wires

  • This tool does not come with a power supply. Power available separately or in a money-saving kit.


  • Convenient thumb-switch on the comfort-grip handle

  • 6 feet of power cord

  • Starts cutting immediately

  • Cuts continuously without overheating

  • Arms pivot in so the wire can be looped out, or held taut

  • Buy the Wire Tensioner accessory that holds the wire taut

  • Use with wire at 7.5 inches, or shorten to 5.5 inches for faster cutting

  • Made with care in the USA

Used For:

  • Cutting Styrofoam, white beaded EPS, extruded XPS foam, polyethylene foam

  • Carving miniature mountains for snow villages

  • Miniature and war gaming terrain

  • Finish cuts on large foam projects

  • Art and craft projects

  • Holiday decor

  • Reptile hides and aquarium features

  • and so much more . . .

Tech Specs:

  • Our hot wires are made to last for years so long as you let the heat do the cutting

  • Easy user replaceable hot wires

  • Distance from hot wire to bottom of brass handle is 4.5 inches

  • This tool needs to be plugged into the Crafters Power, the Multi-Heat or Variable-Heat Pro Power Stations