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Foam Coat, Glue & Foam

A complete system for coating foam to protect and beautify your foam projects. Choose from our unique foam coatings, plus foam coat fortifiers to finish your foam crafts, projects, and art pieces, taking your projects to a whole new level! We also have foam-safe glues for adhering foam to foam as well as foam to other surfaces. Choose the right foam for your projects, such as rigid EPS or Art & Sign Foam or soft protective Armor Foam for camera, instrument, or gun cases. See these in action on the Video Tutorial page. For any questions, check out our FAQ page!

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  SKU Product Our Price
036 #036 - Construction Foam 2"" Sheets $29.95
036B #036B - Construction Foam Block $29.95
#036half #036half - Construction Foam 1/2"" Sheets $29.95
#036one #036one - Construction Foam 1"" Sheets $29.95
036V #036V - Construction Foam Variety Pack $29.95
036TS-KIT 036TS-KIT - Tombstone Making Kit $45.00
$29.95 (Save 33%)
024-QT Styroplast #024 $29.95
036A2x3 #036A2x3 - Armorfoam 3 Sheets 2""x14""x22"" $37.95
FCSK The Complete Foam Coat System #FCSK $59.95
$49.95 (Save 17%)
036TS4 DIY Foam Tombstone Kit - Halloween Props with Gothic Embellishments - #036TS4 $74.95
$59.95 (Save 20%) FREE SHIPPING
036TS3 DIY Foam Tombstone Kit - Halloween Props with Pirate Embellishments - #036TS3 $74.95
$59.95 (Save 20%) FREE SHIPPING
036TS2 DIY Foam Tombstone Kit - Halloween Props with Spooky Embellishments - #036TS2 $74.95
$59.95 (Save 20%) FREE SHIPPING
036ART24x24-3 036ART24x24-3 - Art Foam 3 Sheets 2"x24"x24" $69.00
036ART12x24-6 036ART12x24-6 - Art Foam 6 Sheets 2"x12"x24" $72.00