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Stan Mockus about  #028SG - StyroGoo :
May 7, 2015
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To Whom This May Concern:
I have enjoyed working with StyroGoo on a lot of my RC Foam Airplane projects. Compared to Beacon's Foam Tac, it is more economical.
However, since one bottle has lasted me a long time, its viscosity has become a little heavier. Can you tell me which would be better to use to thin it out, alcohol or acetone?
Stan Mockus
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Mathew Balandes about  Crafters Deluxe 3-In-1 Kit - #K05:
Apr 23, 2015
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Hello I am just writing to you to thank you very much for your outstanding customer service. I recently bought some of your products on eBay but when I recieved them a few things were missing. I contacted the seller and she was a huge help trying to sort everything out, and later told me that you would be sending me the missing products directly. Well today I recieved all the missing products and a bonus glue. You surely outdid yourselves I was planning on purchasing the glue along with some of the foam coat products but with your generosity it saves me some money from having to buy the glue. Again I just wanna thank you guys for everything you definitely have 5 stars in my book and I will be sure to recommend you to any foam crafters I may meet. I can't wait to start my projects thank you so much!
Matt Balandes, Oak Lawn, IL
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Melanie Richard: Producer of Foam Gone Wild DVD about  Foam Coat - All Purpose #025:
Apr 8, 2015
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I have done foam sculpting for over a decade and nothing revolutionized my work more than Hot Wire Foam Factory's basic hot knife sculpting tools and All Purpose Foam Coat. I have found Foam Coat to be easy to use and the ideal way to simply create a variety of textures while giving strength and durability to my creations. It can be mixed thick or thin depending on the need and accepts paint very well. I have used it successfully with objects such as branches, fossils, grass, etc. embedded as decorative elements.
One of my clients is a zoo where I create naturalistic elements such as rock and tree sculptures. After discovering Foam Coat I was able to create interesting environments for the animals in the indoor exhibits instead of just the outside decorative work. This made for a more immersive experience for the guests and an interesting environment for the animals. A stone worker, there for a visit, warned that the "rock" over the glass was too heavy and would stress the glass too much!
Since I also create dinosaurs for a fossil museum I really appreciate the fact that I can make creations in sections and after transport I can blend the parts together seamlessly since the product will blend wet on dry with little effort. Just a bit of wet brushing does the trick. It appears not only seamless but provides the necessary strength and rigidity to support a large sculpture.
Multiple times I have had clients tell me they'd like an interior wall to look like natural rock, but can't afford to have it done. I have shown then how to create the look for very little effort and money using All Purpose Foam Coat.
Melanie Richard, Montana
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