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Stacy Dennis (Australia) about  #K41 - 3D Deluxe 24-Inch Table Kit:
Feb 14, 2014
I bought a full kit of tools and this Table as well.

It is by far the best item I use. It allows for Precise cutting, rotational cutting, has great accessories to help controll all kinds of cuts. Being able to set a precise angle witht he flat of the board and a protractor allows for amazing precise assembly.

The one improvement would be some parallel lines on the table itself for easier alignment. Even a grid imprinted into the table to make sizing simpler. I have scribed my own into the plastic.

Perhaps Feet the could be secured to a work bench too....
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Bobby Harpoon about  Crafters Scroll Table Kit - #K03:
Jan 11, 2014
I can not rate this product as high as other have before me. The big draw back to me is setting the wire in a prefect 90 degree angle to the work surface of the table. I could get it 90 degree in the direct foward position. But if a needed to change diection of cut. Required when cutting some thing larger then the length of the table. It would always have a slight angle. No matter how much effort I put into try to get the wire straight vertical. It is a good tool for cutter with something clamped to the table surface as a fence. Helps to get the strightest line cuts possible with the crafting tools.
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Melanie Richard/Producer of Foam Gone Wild about  050A 4-Foot Compound Bow Cutter:
Dec 13, 2013
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I wanted to say I can attest to the fact that the hot wire bow works when it is 28 degrees out. It wasn't much fun - but it worked!
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