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Walt Brygier about  XL Hot Wire CNC Machine - CNC 054:
Oct 7, 2016
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Here's my review of your machine and your company. You can also post my phone number if you like...610-562-2278.

We were fortunate to get a prototype of the large 4-axis CNC foam cutter from Hotwire Foam Factory. We had looked at many similar machines that were priced much higher, so it was reasonable to be skeptical of the value offered by Hotwire Foam Factory. We received our machine via freight and the equipment was well packed with attention on preserving the superb craftsmanship. We chose to elevate the machine 20" off the floor on 2 CMU blocks (8" each) and a 4" pancake block on top. I had the machine uncrated; assembled according to the clear and easy instructions; leveled perfectly with an inexpensive water level; and, ready to go in a few hours. After a short acclimation to the included software, we were in production. HFF delivered a high quality CNC machine that performed exactly as advertised. But that's not the end of our story. The most impressive aspect of our business relations with Hotwire Foam Factory is the manner in which they accommodate their clients. Customer service is not the typical afterthought that you get with most companies....these folks mean it....they live it....and it's self-evident that they enjoy it.

Walt Brygier
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Terry Moore about  Crafters Hot Knife Kit - #K11-K11S :
Dec 14, 1994
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Around 1987 we started to collect Dept. 56 porcelain houses and accessories and at Christmas made village displays on a 4 by 8 platform in our living room. Around 1990 (we do not know the exact year) we bought the Hot Wire Foam Factory cutting knife to carve out some platforms from Styrofoam for a few of the houses to set on and to create some small hills that we covered with white flannel and artificial snow to make it look like a snow scene. My wife also used it to carve out Styrofoam to insert artificial flowers in to make floral arrangements for our house decorations. She also used it a few times to cut Styrofoam to make platforms for some Easter decorations using Dept. 56 Easter village accessories. Just about every year my wife uses it to cut out Styrofoam to make or remake one or two floral decorations for our house. The 4 inch Hot Wire Foam Factory cutting knife finally broke a couple of years. It could have broken because the knife was not hot enough and was forced through the Styrofoam. This year she wanted to replace it so we went on line and to our surprise the Hot Wire Foam Factory was still being made so we contacted you to see if a new cutting knife could still be used with our old Hot Wire Foam Factory variable power supply. We were told that a new cutting knife would work with it. We still have the VCR tape that came with the original set but we no longer have a VCR that works.
Terry Moore, St. Louis, MO
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Julie Kurtz-Rose about  Crafters Deluxe 3-In-1 Kit - #K05:
Dec 14, 2016
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I love your tools! They work great and I always get "oohs and aahs" for my Halloween and Christmas displays.
Julie Kurtz-Rose
Facebook July 8 at 1:09pm
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