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Bryce Robinson/University of Notre Dame about  The Complete Foam Coat System #FCSK:
Nov 5, 2013
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Thank you for offering to send us one of your Foam Coat Starter Kits for our students. We have heard nothing but good things about your foam coat line and we are excited to get started! As my students develop and refine the use of your materials I will be sure to provide you with images of the process and results.

Our shipping address is as follows...

The University of Notre Dame
Dept. of Art, Art History, and Design
Attn. Bryce Robinson
306 Riley Hall of Art
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Thank you again for your assistance,
Bryce Robinson
University of Notre Dame
Sculpture Research Associate
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J Racel/The Miniatures Page about  2-in-1 Kit Pro Model #K43:
Oct 22, 2008
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I have a Tippi and a lot of other wire cutters and truth be told, I use my Hotwire Foam Factory cutters with the larger optional power supply all the time and don't even know what storage box the Tippi and other junk are hidden away in.
The Tippi shows all these need shapes and wire options, but none of them worked well or were easy to use. The power supply on the one I have has a very hard time with anything other than white foam (maybe the Tippi II has a better power supply?). I was not impressed and don't use it. Many of the cutters sold in craft stores will not cut pink or blue foam very well, so if that is what you want to do, get a good cutter.
I would say look at Hotwire Foam Factory (, especially at the sculpting tool and hot knife. You will likely need the variable power supply to cut pink or blue foam. I know these are expensive, but if you plan to do very much terrain, they more than pay for themselves.
Just my 2 cents.
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Jan 31, 2016
I have been using the cheap micheal's battery operated foam cutter for years. The wire breaks all the time, and its very hard to find replacements here in Hamilton, Ontario. Then did some research online about the hotwire foam factory company. I wanted their kit so bad for the last three years. The Canadian dollar was too low and it would of cost me about $300 all said and done by the time shipping and tax and duty. Finally got to go to MWHC this past weekend where i got to pick up a pro kit with 5 tools and the table. I love it!!!!! Apparently there was another gentleman who bought the kit from the conference, went to the nearest homedepot, bought some foam and spent the majority of Saturday's conference playing with the kit in his room.
Also got to see the Bad Boys scenic design team do a seminar of brick and stone. They use the hot wire foam factory kit all the time.
Zombies Anonymous, Hamilton, Ontario
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