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Crafters Engraver Kit - #K12


Weight 0.81 lbs
Market Price: $46.90
Our Price: $34.95 (Save 25%)


Precision Engraver Kit
It's all in the details.

Need a fine finishing tool for your 2-D or 3-D foam sculpture or model? Only the pointed tip heats up, making it a must-have tool for engraving detailed foam features.

Need a longer shaft for making holes?
Choose our Long Engraver or Probe Tool


  • Precision Engraver

  • Crafters Power Supply (220 volt input available)

  • Printed Instructions

  • Convenient thumb-switch on the comfort-grip handle

  • 12 feet of tool cord

  • Engraves continuously, no cooling off time needed

  • Short shaft for precise control

  • Made and supported in the USA

  • Fine detailing

  • Engraving letters

  • Foam models of bricks, blocks, and stones

  • Detailed foam walls, abutments, portals, slats, and cobblestone roads

  • Works great with our XPS Art & Sign Foam, and white beaded EPS foam

  • 2-inch long brass shaft, only the tip heats up

  • Starts engraving in 20 seconds

  • Caution: stays very hot for a few minutes after turned off

  • Crafters Power can be used with the Sculpting Tool, 3-Inch and 4-Inch Hot Knives

  • The Engravers can also be used with our Crafters Power, the Multi-Heat and Variable-Heat Pro Power Stations