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Pro Scroll Table Kit #K03PV*


Weight 8.00 lbs
Market Price: $174.80
Our Price: $149.95 (Save 14%)


Pro Scroll Table Kit
Fast accurate foam cutting made easy

Looking for a simple way to make accurate straight edges, strips, angles, curves, cylinders, cones, etc? A quick adjustment also allows you to make angle cuts. Our most popular foam cutting table is a must-have tool for modeling buildings, slicing walls, making columns, custom signs, and much more.

Need to cut dense foam fast?
Buy the Jumper Cable accessory.


  • Scroll Table
  • Choose from two power stations (see dropdown menu below)
  • Stationary Fence for precision cuts and paper thin slicing
  • Traveling Fence for accurate complex angle cutting, plus cylinders and cones
  • Four heavy duty cutting wires
  • Four precision cutting wires
  • 85-minute Hot Wire Foam Factory Instructional DVD
  • Printed Instructions

Choose Your Power Station:


  • 6 feet of power cord
  • Starts cutting immediately
  • Cuts continuously without overheating
  • A simple adjustment allows you to make angle cuts
  • Made with care in the USA

Used For:

  • Cutting Styrofoam, white beaded EPS and extruded XPS foam
  • Accurate straight edges, miter cuts, strips, angles, curves, cylinders, cones, etc.
  • Letters and numbers for signs and displays
  • Art and craft projects needing a high level of control
  • Basic architectural models and elements
  • Stone walls

Tech Specs:

  • The cutting wires will last indefinitely if you let the heat do the cutting
  • Easy user replaceable cutting wires
  • 12” x 14” tabletop
  • 9” clearance from cutting wire to back of table
  • 9.75” high cut
  • The length of the cut is unlimited.
  • Made of thick industrial strength ABS to last a lifetime
  • Choose the Multi-Heat or the Variable-Heat Pro Power Station (costs $20 more)
  • Both Pro Power Stations work with all Craft and Pro Hand Tools and Tables