Mesh (Medium) #025MM


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SKU: 025MM
Weight: 0.81 lbs


Mesh is supple and easy to work with. Medium Mesh is easier than Heavy Mesh to form around complex curves and hard angles. It does not add any weight to the foam coating process, but adds a surprisingly great amount of strength to the coating.

Simply stretch the mesh over the area to be Foam Coated. It may be helpful to pin the edges and or lightly glue the mesh to the foam before applying the Foam Coat. Trim off the excess Mesh along the edges. It can be wrapped around 3D objects. If you need to cut slits where overlaps occur on irregular shapes, it will not weaken the reinforcement. Use Mesh to seal seams and in high stress areas.

The $6.99 price is per linear yard, and the Mesh is 48 inches wide. Call or email for a discount when ordering 10 linear yards or more.

What do you recommend (or sell) for doing joints where I need to adhere two pieces of Foamular together to like wrap around corners? I hate seams and I want to do this right the first time instead of having to go back and fix it or redo it.

Along any seams and corners, you should use Mesh with whichever foam coating you choose. 

The whole room/game is about 800sqft with multiple hidden rooms. All the walls, tree and statues are being coated. Do I need to reinforce the foam coat?

I usually suggest making the first coat a thin scratch coat with Boost, then getting strength from putting on a thick coating of straight foam coat. Dollar for dollar he will get more strength by doing this. If he needs a thinner coat he could probably go 25% thinner with Boost and get the same strength.

It's a good idea to at least use Mesh on any protruding corners and along seams. I made some planter boxes with and without Medium Mesh on the faces and was amazed at how much strength the Mesh added.

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