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Mesh (Medium) #025MM


Weight 0.81 lbs
Market Price: $9.95
Our Price: $6.95 (Save 30%)


Mesh is supple and easy to work with. Medium Mesh is easier than Heavy Mesh to form around complex curves and hard angles. It does not add any weight to the foam coating process, but adds a surprisingly great amount of strength to the coating.

Simply stretch the mesh over the area to be Foam Coated. It may be helpful to pin the edges and or lightly glue the mesh to the foam before applying the Foam Coat. Trim off the excess Mesh along the edges. It can be wrapped around 3D objects. If you need to cut slits where overlaps occur on irregular shapes, it will not weaken the reinforcement. Use Mesh to seal seams and in high stress areas.

The $6.99 price is per linear yard, and the Mesh is 48 inches wide. Call or email for a discount when ordering 10 linear yards or more.