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World’s Fastest, Easiest and Safest Stain System
Mix with water based pigments (not included). Gorgeous results when applied over CreateCoat. Also works well over Exterior Foam Coat and most concrete surfaces. Natural stain finish

• Safe
• No Acid
• No VOCs
• WYSIWYG Colors
• Immersible

Looks identical to real stone. Easy to mix colors. Just add pigment to StainFast. Ratio depends on the saturation and color you want. Easily mixed right in the sprayer. We recommend a pigment called Mixol, available at fine art stores, but most of the pigments used to color house-paints will work great. Smaller paint stores will usually sell pigments to you if you bring in your own bottles.

MIX: It’s simple. 2-3 colors give any look you want. Add no more than 5% VOC free nontoxic water base pigment to StainFast as desired.
APPLYING: Light haphazard spray leaving room to add more colors.

  • 1st COAT: Spray 60-70% on 1st application.
  • 2nd COAT: Finalize color scheme.
  • 3rd COAT: Final touches.

Wait 5 minutes or so for each coat to dry. Never blast at 100%. Add a little black for antiquing affect. 

Dries more subtle and realistic.
Use cardboard partition to stop overspray. 
Use 3/8” roller to knock down, soften and blend.
Drips can give it a natural look.  
SEAL COAT: Let color coats dry for 5 minutes then spray final clear coat. Thorough coverage, but don’t soak. 
CLEAN-UP: Clean tools etc. with soapy water.
Note: No NSF approval because this is not a coating.
Seals on the molecular level. Densifier, so water cannot pass through after the chemical conversion.

Made in USA.
What is the best way to make natural looking rock reefs for my aquarium?

Our foam-coat/stain system is aquarium safe and will produce a beautiful natural stone or reef look. Exterior Foam Coat is applied over the foam shape. The coating is then sealed with Stainfast, which is also a base for water-base stains. You will be mixing paint pigments into the the Stainfast which might have toxic ingredients, so to be safe don't ever go over the recommended 3-5% pigment-to-Stainfast ratio. 

Stainfast does not have NSF approval because it is not a coating. It seals on a molecular level. It is a densifier which prevents water from passing through after the chemical conversion. Stainfast was used to seal sea life exhibits at Sea World in San Diego. Although when used properly it should be aquarium safe, we strongly recommend thoroughly testing the aquarium water before introducing fish.

I am building a sand waterfall for my aquarium. I'm having trouble finding the color pigments at local stores such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart.

Mixol is one of the highest grade pigments you can get. We have used it with excellent results. Most art stores carry this brand. You can sometimes get a paint store to sell you a couple squirts of the water base pigments they use for exterior latex house paints.

Is Stainfast animal safe for reptile terrariums?

Yes, it is animal safe. Stainfast was used to seal many of the aquariums at Sea World San Diego. The pigments that are mixed in might not be, so don't use more than 3-5% pigment, and be sure that the last spraying is just with the clear Stainfast base.

There is no NSF approval because this is not a coating.
It seals on the molecular level. It is a densifier, so water cannot pass through after the chemical conversion.

You can use it without pigment if you just want to seal the Exterior Foam Coat or Create Coat.
If you want to mix in pigments for staining (looks awesomely like real stone) it will work great with the Exterior Foam Coat and give the best stone look and feel, but colors will be brighter when used on Create Coat.

We sometimes bring in a small container (remember, the pigment only composes 3-5% of the mixture) into our local paint store and buy a few squirts of the pigment that is used to color exterior latex house paint.

We have tried some samples from a company called Mixol, who reportedly creates some of the world's finest and most color-fast pigments. Mixol is relatively expensive. This stuff really is nice. It's available online.

Be sure to watch the online instructional video. You will be impressed with how realistic your results will be with Stainfast.

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Oct 16, 2014
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I just finished a really big project using these stains. I've always been a fan of acid stains, but surprisingly I got better results with StainFast with a lot less trouble, and I also loved that it didn't cause a headache or require me to wear a respirator. You can see what you're getting as you apply it so it is quite easy to use.
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