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Bounce Rubberizer #025BO


Weight 0.60 lbs
SKU 025BO-8
Fortifier/additive: Adds strength
Makes it chip resistant
Increases pliability (flexibility)
Feel: Rubbery
Application time:
Work time: 20-30 minutes
Cure time: Sets almost immediately, cured in several hours
Weatherproof: Weather Resistant
Sandable: Not Sandable
Paint/Stain: Can be painted but not stained
Compatible with: Can be used by itself; Interor All Purpose Foam Coat; Grit; Mesh; Acrylic Paint
Our Price: $6.95


Incredible Bouncing Boulders? Add small amounts of All Purpose Foam Coat to Bounce to create a flexible protective coating that is highly resistant to cracking on impact. Also makes All Purpose Foam Coat weatherproof, stick even better, and stronger with very thin coats. Use with 1-80 lbs of dry All Purpose Foam Coat. (Bounce is not compatible with Exterior Foam Coat or Create Coat)

Use Bounce with no added water for maximum flexibility. All Purpose Foam Coat comes out more flexible when no or less water is added to the Bounce.  For a super rubbery coating, try a liquidy mixture of 9 parts Bounce to one part All Purpose Foam Coat, adding the powder to the Bounce, until the desired thickness is attained.
Can also be applied alone, or with just a little bit of Foam Coat to create a strong flexible paintable sealant.
For a chip resistant coating, start with 1 part liquid to 1 part All Purpose Foam Coat, and thin or thicken as desired.  Dilute the Bounce with water before mixing with Foam Coat to get a less flexible, super smooth, chip-resistant surface.
Thin layers can be applied to vertical and inverted surfaces with little or no sagging. 
Applying: Fill holes with pasty mixture. To coat large areas, make a more liquidy mixture until thin enough to apply with a paint brush. May be applied as thick as 3/8 inch, but multiple coats are stronger. Looks like smooth stone when dry. Try texturing the surface before coating sets. Bounce is compatible with our Grit Texturizers. Can be smoothed while drying, but not sandable once dry.
Set Time: Use within 15 minutes. Sets up in 30 minutes. Maximum bond and strength in 24 hours.
Clean-Up: Immediately clean tools and brushes with soapy water.
Finishing: Paint or stain as desired.

Discount rates are available for large quantities. Pallets can ship for as low as $100 to most commercial locations in the continental US. Call or email us for details. 866.735.9255

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